10 Video Game Sub-Bosses With Unexpected Second Phases

Video Game Sub-Bosses With Second Phases You Didn't Expect!


Bosses are meant to represent the ultimate challenge for players in video games; an imposing obstacle that usually takes everything you've learned so far to beat. Sub-bosses, despite not being treated to the same dramatic entrances and epic fight music, can often be just as deadly as the real thing, however - especially when they linger on for more than one phase.

These days, you kind of expect a boss to have at least two different stages to their fights, with their attacks or even physical form changing halfway through. You rarely ever expect that of a game's lesser bosses, so when it does happen, you're more than likely going to be thrown for a loop.

Every been in the position where you see a sub-boss's health slipping below half and think, "yep, I've got this one in the bag", only for it to then change itself up and send your unprepared player splatting against a wall? Of course you have.

And these second phases don't always completely reinvent the encounter, either. But just the fact that the enemy's doing something you never saw coming in the final moments of the fight is often enough to kill you if you get too complacent.

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