10 Video Games That Came Back From The Dead

8. Sea Of Thieves

no mans sky

A recurring theme for this list will be games that didn't live up to their pre-release hype, Sea of Thieves is one high-profile example.

Before the release of Sea of Thieves, there were countless press releases and hands-on impressions of the game. It was being touted as a truly open world with tons of treasure to plunder, skeletons to kill and an open PvP world to sail across, with danger around every corner. Upon release, we were greeted with treasure to plunder and pirates to murder... but not much else.

Rare did so much right, the world was stunning and sailing with your friends was a genuine delight. But the gameplay loop wasn't there. It wasn't fun to just dig up treasure after treasure, to only have it stolen by sneaky pirates. Soon players dropped off out of boredom.

Rare had to steady the ship. Throughout the first year, Rare released free updates to make the experience more tantalising and addictive. By the time the Anniversary update released, pirates had the ability to sail solo, battle Krakens and Meglaodons, take part in designated PvP battles in the Arena and dive headfirst into a scripted narrative.

Sea of Thieves has delivered on its promise and is now not only a beautiful game, but a fun one to match.

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