10 Video Games That Came Back From The Dead

7. Tom Clancy's: The Division 1 & 2

no mans sky

Tom Clancy's: The Division 2 opened with a bang. Becoming Ubisoft's best-selling game, it generated an eye-watering $330 million worldwide. The game received favourable reviews and was praised for a solid enough campaign and brilliant 3rd person action.

If The Division was a linear story experience, happy days. However, it was meant to be Ubisoft's answer to the "shared-world shooter" experience being dominated by Destiny.

The problem was, The Division was barren. Once you blasted through the story, players didn't find an awful lot left to do. The level cap was a woeful 30, the guns available were exactly the same (but made bigger numbers flash up), and the endgame area, known as the "Dark Zone" became a PvP hellscape.

Players started to trickle away and Ubisoft needed to do something to turn this around.

Over the space of a few years, Ubisoft continued to support The Division by releasing free post-game content. This not only fixed some of the bugs plaguing the game but provided new gadgets, gear and areas to explore, such as Falcon Lost and the Survival game mode.

Soon, people started to find their way back to the world of The Division, and when Ubisoft announced a sequel, there was plenty of hype for another instalment to the franchise.

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