10 Video Games That Deserve Sequels

Some things are so good, that they only happen once, but we wish these games could return.

Rockstar Games

When enjoying a compelling video game, there is often a distinct disappointment when there's nothing left to play. It's very common for downloadable content to appear for our favourite titles, and sequels are bountiful for new and old games alike. However, in many cases, some games that deserve to have another outing don't receive one.

Whether this is due to a lack of sales, poor critical reception or purely an artistic decision, it isn't very reassuring to know that so many great video games won't get the chance to carve out a new fun experience.

The games in this list are mostly singular titles that created something brilliant that fans are clamouring to return to. Some may already have sequels but still have fans feeling that more is needed. Whatever the case, these games impressed audiences with concepts, gameplay and storytelling and arguable deserve the opportunity to do it again.

These titles were just so good that we want to see more of them, and although it's highly unlikely that many if any of them will return, at least we got one good game out of it. Always leave them wanting more.

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