12 Sexually Awkward Gaming Moments You Can’t Explain

Gaming can make a lot of things look almost real, but there are some things that are still ridiculous.

Over the years gaming has progressed from a series of blips and bloops on a screen accompanied by basic-looking shapes and patterns through to something genuinely affecting like The Last of Us, or Gone Home. However in fleshing out the artistic side of things and portraying more and more realistic human emotions, it was inevitable that nailing the idea of two people being intimate together was going to be an uphill battle. Sex in games isn't something new either, but to be honest you're better off forgetting about the earlier attempts at such a thing, as the ancient pixellated 'delights' of Playaround and Custer's Revenge are still regarded as some of the worst games of all time. Back to the modern day though, and we've all been through 'that awkward moment' when someone who has no idea what you're playing or watching comes in the room only for you to try and explain the mess of sex-grunts and movements to your nearest and dearest. With film it's pretty self-explanatory, but when you apply this sort of thing to gaming it's immediately ten-times weirder thanks to the addition of first-person cameras, controllable thrusting (calm down) and occasional dialogue options that all combine to make digital-fondling just that little bit surreal. And that's the games that put the effort in. There's a whole host of other titles who crowbar in sex scenes just for the sake of garnering a reputation or being a bit notorious, and while they ultimately come across as being hilariously bad, the combination of the above makes for very entertaining viewing.

12. Sonic The Hedgehog Kissing A Human Princess

Sonic's first foray onto (then) next-gen consoles is still regarded as a major foot wrong for a franchise that struggles to stand firm at the best of times. Going down the Mario 64 route and making a fully-explorable 3D world for the Blue Blur to zip through might seem like a cool idea in practice, but in execution it was a supremely hot mess. Not only did 3D Sonic control like he had suicidal tendencies whenever any vast bodies of water were nearby, but the main story was garbage too. If you thought Sega were out of ideas when it came to how to modernise Sonic... well, you'd be right, but back in 2006 they thought the best course of action would be to give him a human love interest. Not just any love interest either, not even one his own height. No, come the game's end Sonic would end up with Princess Elise The Third - an almost fully-grown human who he develops a relationship with throughout the game. After realising Sonic has been killed by the evil Mephiles, Elise ends up using the power of the Chaos Emeralds to resurrect poor Sonic, but the action that kickstarts his spiky heart back to life isn't the collection of the mystical items. Instead it's having a big wet one planted on him in one of the strangest-looking scenes there's ever been.
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