12 Sexually Awkward Gaming Moments You Can’t Explain

11. God Of War's 'Push Button To Have Sex' Mini-Games

The God of War series has become known for a whole heap of escapist thrills, mostly of the gory variety. Everything from tearing minotaurs heads off to booting demonic puppies off cliffs has given the series its identity, but alongside our hero Kratos' killing of friends and foes alike is pretty absurd mini-game. Yes Kratos - a man who 'accidentally' killed his own family in a fit of blood-rage and who is now taking the fight to everything from demons to the gods themselves... also has time to romance any number of ladies throughout his adventure. It's become a staple for the franchise, going all the way back to the first iteration in 2005 - except over the years as graphics have increased and everything becomes more realistic, the bald angry Spartan has seen himself involved in everything from interracial ornament-toppling romps to threesomes. How does all of this manifest itself in-game though? Through the amorous prodding of any number of buttons of course. And while other games on this list actually mapped your thrusts to that of the analogue stick over the course of a few minutes, good ol' Kratos gets the job done in seconds. It must be all those muscle-building supplements.
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