14 Things We Learned At The Game Awards 2017

Death Stranding just keeps getting weirder.

Death Stranding Norman Reedus
Kojima Productions

Geoff Keighley's The Game Awards has come and gone for another year, and this was by far the most professional and impressive production that the so-called "Dorito Pope" has put together yet.

Sure, it was rife with aggressive advertising and clocked in at a brutal three-plus hours including the pre-show, but the sheer number of high-profile reveals and Keighley's clearly genuine desire to create a legitimate, classy awards night for the gaming industry made it an easy show to like.

Though there wasn't much in the way of face-melting megaton announcements, there was nevertheless a steady stream of exciting reveals just as Keighley promised, ensuring that The Game Awards will likely remain a reliable hotbed for games announcements as it grows over the coming years.

While many developers are clearly holding their games back to drop some huge bombs at next year's E3, The Game Awards still pretty much served up something for everyone. If 2017 has been arguably the best-ever year for video games, 2018's looking like it's going to be wallet-assaultingly awesome in its own right...

14. World War Z Is Getting A Video Game

World War Z Game
Saber Interactive

The show opened with a rather unexpected reveal, that a video game based on World War Z is on the way.

From the imagery depicted, the game's clearly going to be heavily influenced by the Brad Pitt-starring movie rather than the source novel, which isn't remotely surprising. Still, coming almost five years after the movie hit screens, it does feel a little late.

Though the trailer itself didn't give much away, developers Saber Interactive later confirmed that the game is a four-player co-op shooter which will see players travel between New York, Moscow, and Jerusalem.

It certainly has potential, and Saber clearly has plenty of experience in the multiplayer realm, having worked on Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Quake Champions. World War Z is aiming to release sometime next year.


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