14 Video Games You Should Never EVER Play

Not even a little bit. Not even out of curiosity.


When the video game industry was in its infancy in the 1970s, games were riddled with imprecise controls and game-crashing bugs.

Now that technology has come leaps and bounds, you'd assume errors like this are a thing of the past. In days gone by, games were made by a handful of people, whereas now, entire teams of highly skilled creatives spend years making the best games possible. Ironically though, the games of today are littered with just as many bugs -if not more - bugs as they were decades ago.

The majority of bad games suffer the same issues; poor collision detection, uninspired gameplay, generic design, bad graphics, etc. Most games with these problems are forgettable.

But there are some games we can never forget. There are a select few that are so terrible, their memory will be felt through the annals of history.

There are many reasons why a game doesn't turn out well. It might be because the developers lack experience or foresight, overhype, financial troubles, or studio interference. More often than not, understanding why a game turned out so badly is more interesting than the game in question.

How come Duke Nukem Forever turned out so badly despite taking over ten years to make? Why don't the Xenomorphs attack you in Aliens: Colonial Marines? And what the hell happened to Superman 64?


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