9 Wrestlers You Didn't Know Were In Non-Wrestling Video Games

Namco missed a trick on a possible John Cena/Dig Dug crossover.


Wrestling games down the years have seen a number of unusual crossover cameos on the flimsiest of pretences. WWF Attitude saw Turok's Joshua Fireseed make the short trip across Acclaim's development desk, whilst the terrible WCW Thunder contained a sailor straight outta Shenmue (honest). Things arguably reached their nadir (or apex, if you're disinclined to taste), with Fred Durst's rubbish rapping ruining the otherwise excellent SmackDown: Just Bring It!

What about the other direction? The sheer glut of grappling games since MicroLeague Wrestling hit the Commodore 64 way back in 1987 means that some superstars have had more digitised outings than even some of the industry's most established icons, but seldom have their sprites broke free of the silicon squared circle.

Ronda Rousey looks to be the latest to make that elite list, after it was revealed the Baddest Woman on the Planet will swap combat sports for kombat sports, as she's set to take on the role of series mainstay Sonya Blade in the latest edition of the long-running gorefest. In a logical world, Mustafi Ali will crop up as Sub-Zero.

Sadly, he won't. Only the very best get to rub filmographies with luminaries the likes of Tim Curry and Billy Dee Williams in real games.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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