Days Gone 2: 10 Major Questions It Must Answer

Wait, what the hell does THAT mean?!

Days Gone

Days Gone has a story that aims for the kind of drama other Sony first-party games like Uncharted 4 and God of War have become renowned for.

Across tens of hours of gameplay, the story of biker Deacon St. John, and his transformation from being an aimless drifter to someone with a real purpose in this post-apocalyptic landscape, is the driving force of the narrative, but there are so many other threads that are picked up and dropped over the game's runtime.

In fact, Days Gone's story is completely unwieldy at times, having you split your attention across multiple camps, villains and plotlines that don't always coalesce into a satisfying whole. Likewise, in its attempt to build a wider universe that can support an entire franchise, a lot of the more interesting tangents are left purposefully hanging to be explored in the sequel.

Consequently, while the game does wrap up in a (mostly) satisfying manner, by virtue of juggling so many topics, there are plenty of interesting mysteries left unanswered that the inevitable sequel absolutely needs to address.


Note: SPOILERS for the game will follow.

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