Every Indiana Jones Video Game Ranked Worst To Best

15. Indiana Jones And His Desktop Adventures

Like the similarly themed Yoda Stories that released during the mid 90's, Indiana Jones and his Desktop Adventures was a desktop windowed experience by LucasArts that stripped things back to a simple top-down adventure, complete with colourful retro graphics. Unfortunately, just like Yoda Stories, it's not all that good.

The point of these desktop jaunts was to provide a quick and easy game that anyone could play, sort of like Minesweeper but with bad guys and guns, if that makes any sense. You'd control Indy through a mix of both keyboard and mouse, collecting various items to solve puzzles whilst shooting anyone that gets in the way.

To be fair, there's a little of ingenuity at play here, namely the ability to choose the size of the game upon starting it up which decided the length of each randomly generated adventure, something a lot of modern indie titles (another pun intended) use to much greater effect today. Having said that, Minesweeper is a much more effective use of wasting your time.

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