FIFA 19: 10 Changes To Be Most Excited About

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EA's news on some of the new features coming to FIFA 19 has made everyone forget about previously iron clad wish list items like indoor footy or some other FIFA Street-style elements.

Those free-flowing, customisable battles from Street? We're getting them in 19, only they're going to take place on a full-sized 11-a-side pitch. If that doesn't get your juices flowing after years of monotony with FIFA's offline exhibition mode, then nothing will. Hey, at least EA are trying to make things more fun for those who enjoy playing with pals.

It could be wise to reserve proper judgement until FIFA 19 is actually on the shelves, but this is all very exciting, and the teases of what's changing in Career Mode are almost too much to bear. Although the mode will play out largely the same as before, there's (again) more customisation and greater immersion coming to a feature that sorely needs it.

Add to that intuitive alterations to how matches promise to play out, a Football Manager-like attention to stats and European football's biggest club competitions, and FIFA 19 could be the game of your dreams.

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