FIFA 19: 20 Fastest Players

The rapid signings you need to make...

EA Sports

There are some things you immediately look for in players on FIFA games every year: the earlier you can find out who the best strikers of the ball, the strongest beasts and the fastest sprinters are, the better. They're the keys to making sure that you can get that extra edge on your opponents.

And no matter how much any gameplay improvements seek to change the way FIFA is played (and to stop veteran players being able to exploit their experience in the same way every year), strength, speed and shooting are still going to be the key elements in FIFA 19.

Luckily, EA Sports already knows this and have released who the top 20 speedsters in the game are going to be. So you can start planning who you're going to be starting your games with ahead of the film's full release based on which players are going to show defences up with their pace.

Some of the names here shouldn't come as any surprise...

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