FIFA 19 Wishlist: 10 Things The Fans Demand

Net-busting new features it must include.

EA Sports

As much as FIFA fanatics are still playing the latest edition to death, many are also looking ahead to this year's entry in EA Sports' bestselling football series and salivating at the thought of yet more improvements to the award-winning formula.

If presentation, licenses and accessibility are your thing, FIFA 18 is more satisfying than a last-minute winner against your local rivals in the FA Cup final, and even though it fell short of the strategic heights of the latest Pro Evolution Soccer, the quality of the product is reflected by the fact it was the bestselling game of last year.

Despite its commercial feats and the size of its global fanbase, most FIFA enthusiasts would be the first to admit the 2018 version is by no means perfect, far from it, and they've been vocal about that on social media and forums since its release.

The fans have been drawing up wishlists and having their say about the features FIFA 19 should include, and where it can succeed where 18 flopped like Radamel Falcao's Premier League career. Here are the demands EA must take on board.

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