Is Sony Planning A PS5 Reveal Event For February?

The first look at Sony's next-gen plans could be coming next month.


Following the news that Sony will be sitting out this year's E3, the company has confirmed the "Experience Playstation" showcase which, according to the official website, will celebrate 25 years of Playstation and allow fans to play exciting titles across all current-gen platforms, including the PSVR. The event kicks off in New York today (Jan. 14) and will run until Feb. 16.

This official announcement comes hot off the heels of a months-long rumour suggesting that Sony will hold a PS5 reveal stream in early February. Though the Experience Playstation launch is part of an overall Sony celebration, its timing would line up with how the company has treated console launches in the past.

Back in 2013, the PS4, alongside new games, was announced in a big Playstation showcase that also took place in February and in New York. While nothing should be taken for granted, history could be repeating itself here, especially with no E3 to rely on and the Holiday release date looming.


Expect to hear more about the Experience Playstation event, and Sony's plans for the PS5, in the coming weeks.

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