Kingdom Hearts 3: 10 Things We Learned At E3

7. Brand New Keyblades 

Kingdom hearts 3
Square Enix

With the reveal of two new worlds comes the reveal of two brand new Keyblades, from Frozen and Pirates respectively.

The first Keyblade we see is from the new Frozen world. The keychain is of Olaf and it the design of the Keyblade resembles Elsa's tower of ice, which is similar to the Tangled Keyblade resembling Rapunzel's tower. Unfortunately we don't get to see this Keyblade in action besides briefly in a cutscene.

The other Keyblade comes from the Pirates of the Caribbean world, and it resembles the helm of a ship complete with rigging and a wheel. The keychain resembles a skull, and when attacking enemies the particles resemble the Aztec gold from the first Pirates film which is a cute touch.

Both of these Keyblades add to the pretty impressive roster we have so far, which is made up of some pretty great ones already.

Another exciting bit of Keyblade news comes from getting the confirmed names of Sora and Riku's new primary Keyblades. Sora's new Keyblade is called Shooting Star, and Riku's is named Braveheart. What does that mean for the Kingdom Key? Guess we'll have to wait to find out.


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