Pokémon Switch Wishlist: 7 Features Fans Demand

More gyms, more choices - how to make the "true Pokémon RPG".


Game Freak and Nintendo are putting all of their marketing into Pokémon Let's Go!, meaning one thing they're remaining tight-lipped about is the mysterious RPG on the horizon.

Obviously, Nintendo have been doing this for a long time and they know any information that comes out now could risk steamrollering Let's Go! and deflating the considerable hype this Pokémon Yellow remake has garnered.

While it will no doubt be nostalgic, family-friendly fun to replay through such a classic Pokémon tale with the new improvements, a lot of fans have already been vocal about the next main release. That's because for the first time in ages, the core series is in for a serious shakeup.

On announcement, much was made of the fact this was to be a 'true RPG'.

While it's unlikely we'll hear any more about what exactly that means before the release of Let's Go!, it hasn't stopped fans from letting Nintendo and Game Freak know exactly where they want this beloved franchise to go next.

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