Star Wars Battlefront 2: 10 Things DICE Must Add

Anakin was meant to bring balance to Battlefront 2, not destroy it.


Battlefront 2 has come a long way from the days of the random loot box controversy that plagued it from launch. It wasn't just this game that was impacted by the backlash though, as the fallout is still being felt across the industry today. Thanks to EA, random loot boxes will now forever be tainted, and that's no bad thing.

Thankfully, Battlefront 2 is now in a relatively stable place, with regular updates fixing minor issues and whole game modes such as Galactic Supremacy steering the ship to where players wanted it to be in the first place.

However, DICE aren't out of the woods yet, and if this is going to be recommendable to literally everyone, there are some issues yet to be addressed.

Going forward, if EA aren't planning a Battlefront 3 any time soon - and either them or DICE want this edition to survive longer than its predecessor - some changes need to be made, with other features being added.

10. New Star Cards & Retire The Stale Ones


Star Cars were at the centre of all the negativity surrounding Battlefront 2. Coming from the crazy loot box fiasco that surrounded the game at launch, even now, with the game's most recent levelling system... they still aren't totally there.

For example, some Star Cards are mediocre or almost completely useless. One thing Battlefront 2015 did so well was adding more and more Star Cards over time; truly mixing up the battles and requiring other load outs to counter one another. Now yes, that game was released half finished overall, but at least Star Card integration meant something.

Even though they were slightly overpowered, Bacta grenades could change the course of match, making one player feel like they had the chance to take on a hundred. What we have in its place is lacklustre though, to say the least.

To keep Battlefront 2 going, it['s time to be out with old and in with new, more impactful Star Cards.


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