Tekken 7: 10 Characters That Must Return

10. Bruce Irvin

Bruce Irvin first appeared in Tekken 2 as an unlockable character. He was a cop who was assigned to investigate the Mishima Corporation. However, he wound up losing his memories after a plane crash caused by the Mishima€™s. In a twist of fate, he wound up becoming Kazuya€™s bodyguard. Bruce isn€™t the most standout member of the cast. However, there aren€™t any other members of the Tekken cast who use Muay Thai Kickboxing as their primary style. While it€™s important to always have the most iconic characters get some sort of representation in a fighting game, there is also a distinct need for diversity in fighting style among the roster. Granted, Tekken 7€™s newcomer Josie Rizal shares a few of Bruce€™s moves, so perhaps she may in fact be a replacement for him. Bruce may not be a completely memorable fellow since he€™s only appeared as a playable character in a few games. Yet, he also adds a sense of realism to a cast chock full of ogres, devils, androids and cyber-ninjas.Likewise, he is essentially Kazuya€™s lackey. In a game where the Mishima clan€™s past will be the focal point, it makes sense for some of the auxiliary characters related to them to get a turn in the spotlight.

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