The Outer Worlds: 10 Ways It'll Blow Fallout Out The Water

Obsidian finally having free rein to create their own sci-fi RPG is a VERY exciting prospect.


Fallout New Vegas was considered by many to be the best in the franchise. This was in no small part due to Obsidian Entertainment being taken on by Bethesda to develop the title. Fans praised the excellent story and the expansive RPG elements, both of which were some of the tightest that Fallout has seen in its lifetime.

Later this year Obsidian are releasing their own original IP, Outer Worlds. Expected to drop on the 25th of October 2019, Outer Worlds will be a sci-fi RPG where the player character awakens in a dystopian future to find that their spaceship has gone off course and that they're now caught up in a multi-faction, intergalactic political unrest.

That's right; this could potentially be Fallout meets Mass Effect, and isn't that all anyone really needs in their life?

With Fallout 76 being a pretty catastrophic failure and no sign of an actual Fallout 5 any time soon, this could be the perfect time for Obsidian to capitalise on the gap in the market Fallout has left. With such a reputable studio behind so much potential, Obsidian have the opportunity not just to do well, but to dominate this market entirely in the interim.


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