WWE 2K18 Trailer: 45 Screenshots You Need To See

Graps gaming just got a lot prettier.

Kurt Angle Pre-Order
2K Games

It's about that time again. The latest addition to the WWE 2K juggernaut is heading towards release and inevitably, expectations are sky high.

We've already been promised a huge roster (as ever), significant gameplay changes and advancements and - rather excitingly - proof that the graphics engine and character likenesses have been massively improved, which has always been a chief complaint.

Obviously, those promises and the look of more gloss can only go so far. If the developers don't deliver on actual substance - in terms of the gameplay, the showcase modes and the new Career elements - then it won't matter how good-looking it all is. Or how much the marketing makes you want to play.

It has to have something under the bonnet, and thankfully, the latest trailer has delivered a look at the gameplay (and more of the prettiness of the wrestlers). Here's everything you need to see...

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