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11 Wildest Assassinations During Total War: Three Kingdoms' Historical Setting

A lot of wild backstabbing went on during the setting to Total War: Three Kingdoms.
By Richard C Shaffer

10 Amazing Rarely Mentioned Battles Of Japan's Civil War Era

Japan's Sengoku Jidai is filled with amazing battles; here's ten you might not have heard of.
By Richard C Shaffer

10 Must Brutal Acts Of Revenge In History

Retribution is not always swift - and is often bloody.
By Chris Waugh

The 75th Anniversary Of D-Day Quiz quiz

The Normandy Invasion altered the course of history forever. But it came with a steep price.
By Christopher Warner

12 World War II Moments (That Hardly Anybody Ever Talks About)

There are so many things that Hollywood and history teachers don't cover enough...
By Alex Antliff

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Or Lisa Simpson, Who Said It? User quiz

Which female icon said these snappy sayings?
By Grace Wilson

Quiz: Who Said It - The Ultimate Warrior Or Genghis Khan? quiz

Which warrior said it?
By Jacques Martin

9 Craziest Things We Learned From The Alex Jones-Joe Rogan Podcast

Chimeras? Aliens? Secret Societies? Things got weird when Alex Jones went on the JRE.
By Aundre Jacobs

9 Mermaid Myths From Around The World

Fishy tales about fish tails have been told in cultures all around the world.
By Jessica B. Esser

10 Worst Ways People Have Been Tortured To Death

History's most horrific tortures were both brilliant and barbaric...
By Jonathan H. Kantor

12 Biggest Brand Blunders In History

Sorry, was that "toilet" or "tonic" water you wanted to buy?
By Chris Waugh

20 Mind-Blowing Facts About Pepsi

Thirsty? Have no fears, Pepsiman is on his way armed with fizzy drinks...
By Chris Waugh

10 Historical Facts They Don't Teach You At School

Think Einstein was a genius all the time? Think again...
By Jamie Kennedy

10 Strangest World War II Unsolved Mysteries

Just who did give up Anne Frank to the Nazis?
By Chris Waugh

Quiz: How Well Do You Know The U.S. Presidents? User quiz

Do you consider yourself a history wiz? Take this quiz to see how well you know the U.S. Presidents!…
By Kathleen OMalley

10 Unusual Facts You Didn't Know About The Titanic

Hands up who knew the infamous ship was carrying Dragon's Blood...?
By Tom Mankin

How Much Do You Really Know About World War II? User quiz

From beginning to end - test your knowledge on the second World War.
By Maria Dor

Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Battle Of Pearl Harbor? User quiz

What do you know about one of the most significant events in both World War II and American history?…

How Well Do You Know Newcastle-Upon-Tyne's History? User quiz

How well do you know Newcastle's vast, rich and sometimes very odd history?
By Angela Tait

Quiz: Can You Name The Roman Gods? quiz

The Gods conceal from men the happiness of death, that they may endure life.
By Kurt Howes

Quiz: How Well Do You Know General Hannibal Barca Of Carthage? User quiz

Hannibal was one of the greatest generals in human history. How much do you know about him?

Ancient Egypt Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Giza Pyramid Complex? User quiz

The Giza Pyramid is one of the most mysterious structures of both the ancient and modern world.

12 Historical "Facts" That Simply Aren't True

Lady Godiva didn't ride through Coventry completely starkers?
By Chris Waugh

9 Horrifying Serial Killers That Could Still Be At Large

Please take note that that there is some disturbing content on this list.
By Tom Butler

Quiz: How Well Do You Know World War One? quiz

Get out of the trench and over the top - take our quiz to end all quizzes.
By Christopher Warner

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Thanksgiving? User quiz

From turkey to cranberry sauce, how much do you know about this American tradition?
By Shannon Enstad

10 People Who Were Probably Wrongly Executed

Miscarriages of justice?
By Laura Holmes

Quiz: Can You Name The Greek Gods? quiz

You had better pray for their favor!
By Kurt Howes

How Much Do You Know About America's Worst Serial Killers? User quiz

From kill counts to secret codes, test your knowledge on the most notorious killers in the U.S.
By Shannon Enstad

11 Ancient Apocalyptic Myths

Zombies and epidemics are popular in fiction today, but such doomsday predictions have old origins.…
By Jessica B. Esser