10 Amazing Music Movies You Must See Before You Die

When music and movies combine to create brilliance.

Movies about music don't have the best reputation, and the cynicism is understandable. Usually they fall into one of two categories: they're either a cheesy suck-up flick that rose-tints an artist's rise to fame in order that the film studio won't be sued by a disgruntled record company, or a tabloid-style sleazefest that wrenches the dirty laundry out of an artist's closet without a care in the world for being taken to court. There are some movies, however, that buck the trend. The following music movies might sensationalise the truth a little, and might even tweak the facts here and there for the sake of making good television, but they all tell vital stories that occupy an important place in the history of rock 'n' roll folklore. Whether hurtling out of the blood and guts underground of British punk clubs or creeping out of the American heartland, they use the incredible uprising - and occasionally the tragic downfall - of some of the world's most important musicians to teach us wider lessons about love, life and everything in between. Prepared to feel moved, inspired and heartbroken in equal measure; here are ten amazing music movies that you must see before you die.

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