10 Best Hard Rock Albums Of The 90s

The gritty cousins of grunge.


As the 80's quickly dissipated, the rock world quickly began to cater to the alternative scene that was ignited in Seattle. It was as if the world of rock had been replaced with bands trying to ride the coattails of Nirvana. That doesn't mean there wasn't any good hard rock coming out of this era though.

Concurrently with the alternative boom, new bands were coming out of left field bringing new heavy sounds that left hard rockers dumbfounded. Around the same time, some familiar faces from the 80's were returning bringing stunning feats of hard rock grandeur for the next generation of rock fans. Hell, even some of the alternative bands from Seattle were shocking fans across the world with their great riffs.

Each of these acts were not only hard rock oddities, but future legends of the genre who would go on to redefine hard rock through their inventive works in the studio. At a time when alt-rock was getting way too concentrated, these albums kept rock fans' heads banging for years and decades to come.

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