10 Greatest Metal Bassists Ever

The low-end legends of heavy metal!

© Simone Cecchetti/Corbis

Metal is a genre that thrives on how heavy a band's sound is. Whenever someone listens to a metal record, the first thing they gravitate towards tends to be the guitar riffs and the spitfire vocal delivery. However, the real power behind any metal band lies just beneath the surface.

While prominently standing in the background of most music, the bass is an essential part of any metal band's sound. With the strings being much thicker, the bass guitar gives metal its heavy sound by providing an added depth to the riffs being played. Even on later metal releases, the bass is prevalent in the album's mix to give the guitars a foundation to build their solos.

That being said, bass often gets looked at as a lesser version of guitar, but it is much more than that. As both a melodic and rhythmic instrument, the bass player has to operate in conjunction with the drums while still providing fluid melodic interplay with the other instruments. Across generations, bassists have come out of the woodwork displaying impeccable metal proficiency behind their four-string. Here's to the foundational bassists who drove their respective bands and the entire metal genre forward.


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