10 Hard Rock Bands That Went Pop

Some of hard rock's biggest bands went mainstream...


There are legions of hard rock bands who think of nothing but hitting it big. Even though playing in ratty clubs is a blast, it doesn't compare to the stadiums of people singing your song back to you. While many bands have earned the title of stadium rockers, some have had to sell their soul to reach such heights.

At the outset, many of these bands had a pretty solid hard rock foundation, whether it be through blues, grunge, or metal. However, as the years went on, the idea of creating something commercial rather than headbanging became too large an opportunity to pass up.

Does that mean that these bands should be chastised for going pop? Hardly. A lot of times, these bands have come out with more accessible material that ends up being the greatest songs in their catalog. At the same time, poppier sounds can also lead to bad habits, which make the music go from pleasant to boring to insufferable.

That being said, let's take a look at a few of the hard rock bands of old who decided to go in a chart-friendly direction and see if they came out as a better band or swallowed by the mainstream monster.

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