10 More Weird Wrestling Cameos In Music Videos

You've seen Lou Albano in Cindi Lauper videos, now see Lana as Sophie Grace's bodyguard.


Wrestling is an innately character-based medium. After all, if you don't know who's performing a frog splash off the top ropes, then you can't possibly care about whether or not he lands it for a three-count. But this is hardly a bad thing. In fact, it makes it easier for wrestlers to make crossovers into other mediums, leading to hilarious and awesome cameos in television, movies, and, above all, music videos.

It's not entirely clear why. Maybe it's because music videos are also focused on one individual or band and everything else in them is designed to emphasize the artist. Maybe it's because music video producers, much like the WWE corporate team, recognize the value of cross-brand promotion. Maybe it's just that a lot of musicians happen to be huge wrestling fans and want an excuse to meet their childhood heroes.

But regardless of the reason lots of musicians love having wrestlers make brief but strange and memorable appearances in their videos. So much so that one list could not contain all the bizarre cameos that the internet can supply. Prepare yourselves, pilgrim, for there be janky cameos and banter stunt appearances ahead.

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