10 More Weird Wrestling Cameos In Music Videos

9. Tyler Breeze In The Chainsmokers's #SELFIE

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Tyler Breeze's initial gimmick in his NXT glory days was as the selfie king, an obnoxious goof with a narcissistic obsession with taking his own picture. It was fun, but not too extreme. That would change when he saw the first music video for The Chainsmoker's song #SELFIE.

The video was pretty simple: a series of selfies from amateurs and celebrities put over an electronic beat. Basic stuff. But Breeze was downright offended that he, the selfie king, had not been involved in any way shape or form. He voiced his disapproval on social media, sounding off against The Chainsmokers and even some of the celebrities featured in the video who probably didn't even know who he was.

In a testament both to Breeze's popularity at the time and the power of mob mentality, The Chainsmokers became so bombarded by online WWE fans that they eventually caved in and made a re-edit to the video, adding one of Breeze's selfies in for a full two seconds before being flashed away.

While this seemed to satisfy the gorgeous one's appetite for attention, it must have a massive inconvenience for The Chainsmokers to re-release an entire music video just to appease some weird wrestler dude with an ironically passionate fanbase.

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