10 Perfectly Weird David Bowie Movie Performances

10. John Blaylock - The Hunger (1983)

The late Tony Scott€™s penchant for onscreen flash and sizzle is foregrounded here in the advertising director€™s feature debut, a sophisticated modern vampire tale. The Hunger looks and sounds fantastic€ whether the conspicuous motif on ideas of consumption and the consumer succeeds in delivering substance over style is another matter. Bowie plays John, the unsuspecting victim of his lover Miriam, an ageless and probably alien predator who takes a lover in every era, offering them eternal life but keeping the truth of that life from them: as second generation monsters, they have a shelf life, and will begin degenerating rapidly after a few centuries. John realises his eventual fate once he notices he€™s begun to age, but by then it€™s far too late€ he will join Miriam€™s other decayed lovers, left to rot. Bowie is understated, cold but charming and debonair, and there€™s an element of pathos to his condition, as John discovers that far from being an immortal equal to his lover, he€™s just another victim, consumed by her as much as the people they€™ve murdered together over the years. Despite this, he remains distant: the reality of his situation doesn€™t render him any more human than he was at the outset of the film. John isn€™t interested in regaining his lost humanity, only his lost youth.

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