10 Sexiest Music Videos Ever Made

Sex sells...


It would be fairly dumb not to accept the relationship between sex and music - if most songs are written about love and loss, the majority have a rogue sexual element, and some songs, like "Baby Got Back" or "The Bad Touch" are more gleeful about their embrace of all things raunchy.

That's why music videos tend to use sex as a marketing tool - if we're not being fed shots of singers girating provocatively to symbolise their sexual availability, we're being shown shots of them actually having sex (probably simulated) in their videos to show how much they love the person they're singing about.

Teeny pop might not push it in as strong a manner, prefering to have their boy and girl bands jump around like lunatics, but it seems that the industry has cottoned on to the fact that sex sells, and the best way to appeal to the internet savvy older markets is to give them something vaguely NSFW to get their teeth into.

So, with that in mind, we're taking a leaf out of the industry's book, and celebrating the 10 sexiest music videos to have ever been made.

But first...

Dishonourable Mention

Telephone - Lady Gaga

Okay, we get it, you clearly do not have a penis, unless it's particularly good at hide and seek. That doesn't mean you have to cavort around like Madonna with very little on, looking all wiry and lithe. I prefer Gaga when she's got her ridiculous, Elton John style costumes on, not when she's trying to be sexy, throwing aggressive dance shapes that would definitely not woo anyone on a dancefloor in real life.

Anyway, back to what we're all here for and on to the sexy videos.

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