10 Songs About Wrestling You Need To Hear

Do you like music? Do you like wrestling? Here is a list of songs about wrestling and wrestlers.


Excluding the obvious entrance themes, there are several songs about pro-wrestling and wrestlers that have hit the mainstream (and many others that haven't). Hip-hop long had a love affair with wrestling, with Ric Flair being a frequent subject and beyond rap, there are many singer-songwriters who used wrestling to explore real-life issues. There's also a surprising number of wrestling themed punk bands who only write songs about wrestling.

The tunes listed here run the gamut to the indies, lucha libre, the old territory days and WWE.

10. Daniel Bryan Danielson - Cheap Pop

Cheap Pop are a wrestling themed punk band who released one album in 2016, entitled In Gorilla. Songs on the album include themes dedicated to WrestleMania III, The Undertaker, the love affair between Macho Man and Elizabeth, Mankind falling off the cage of Hell in a Cell and what it's like having a crush on Paige.

The real gem though is “Daniel Bryan Danielson”, an infectious ode to Daniel Bryan, both his WWE and indie career. The lead singer also wants Bryan to know that she “really, really, really, likes your beard.”

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