10 Songs That Made Ric Flair A Hip-Hop Icon

10. DIA - Cam'Ron

I can't help that I'm custom made, I can't help it that I look good, smell good, woooo, can dance all night long - Ric Flair

Cam'ron is such a big wrestling fan that he once partnered with Bret Hart to make an album called Sharpshooter to promote a Canadian finance company, named after the 'Hitman's famous finisher. Sadly, the album never came to fruition, so 'Killa' Cam turned his attention to every rapper's favourite wrestler, the owner and proprietor of Space Mountain himself.

It's America, and if I wanna wear a Rolex watch, you haven't got one, you understand? Hahaha - Ric Flair

Featuring famous Nature Boy verbiage on the intro, Cam lauches into a Flair-esque tirade, exulting the virtues of his Rolex, clothes and females and, in particular, sharing in Naitch's disdain for women he perceived as particularly unalluring.

Baby turn around, yeah, you the one I called / Her friend said, "What you want?", I looked and said, "None of y'all"

Kill Cam's homage was even recognised by the Man himself following the song's release in 2016.

Thanks @Mr_Camron https://t.co/AFoCpcELNF

— Ric Flair® (@RicFlairNatrBoy) June 16, 2017

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