10 Wrestling Questions With Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly's Sam Duckworth

Sam Duckworth on why he loves wrestling, WWE & NXT, the Indys and prepping Kate Nash for GLOW.

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Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly are currently embarking upon a twelve-date UK tour, following the re-release of their latest album 'Young Adult' on the 28th of September. It's an album - and tour - that sees frontman Sam Duckworth return to the 'Get Cape' moniker, after taking a four-year hiatus from the band to pursue other creative projects.

While music is very much paramount for Duckworth, he also happens to be a very big fan of professional wrestling. So after the band's visit to Think Tank? Newcastle for their fifth gig of the tour, WhatCulture.com invited Sam to come talk all things wrestling at WhatCulture HQ...

10. A Love For Professional Wrestling


So I know you’re a massive wrestling fan already, but I want to start off with a very simple question: what is it that you actually love about professional wrestling?

"There’s two things that I specifically love, and they’re completely different.

I love that feeling of when you’ve just seen a really good match [...] that athleticism and the timing. If you see a great match and you step away from it for a moment and you think ‘wow that is two - or six humans or whatever - putting on a show and it’s completely compelling and captivating'. There are lots of art forms that do that, but I think wrestling doesn’t get the credit for doing that. It’s pure, intense escapism.

And then the other side of it, which I think probably parallels to music, I love how because it’s counterculture and it’s underground, there’s always going to be a sense of the fans, and people who are into, are well into.

It’s touring, you know? I think that wrestling is a touring job, and the independent world of wrestling is compelling, it’s funny, it’s changing a lot, and [...] the music world is being overtaken by the wrestling world (in terms of independent culture) so I love how huge it is for something that’s still ‘underground’."

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