11 Best Inferred Sex Scenes In Mainstream Music Videos

Saucy but subtle...

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It has been proven time and time again that sex sells, be it in film, TV, advertising and as we will see here, the music industry. The promotion of singers or bands in a sexualised manner has been a go to for many producers in the industry, irrespective of it being in the best interests of the artist or not. (The extremely sad case of Keisha is one for another day)

When it comes to utilising the sexuality for mainstream artists, then the methods need to be somewhat more subtle, or at least inferred. While some on this list have thrown caution and subtlety to the wind more than others, they have still managed to get their message across of the 'activity' occurring without ever showing it - although some go mighty close

The songs on this list at least make an attempt to bring a passion and romantic feel, taking us metaphorically beneath the covers with our respective lovers in a manner that Youtube will not object to.


11. SexyBack - Justin Timberlake Ft. Timbaland

This song and accompanying video was a real statement for Timberlake, a clear message that his boy band days were well and truly past him. In his place was a man who brooded sexuality, an intensity present that we hadn't seen before from the former N'Sync member.

The sex scene itself is not for the squeamish, as director Michael Haussman, a man who worked a great deal with Madonna, brings a grimy colour palette that makes the scene all the more involving. Timberlake and Spanish model Elena Anaya really give it their all in the passionate moments concluding the video, with the viewer feeling the energy exude through the screen.

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