20 Music Videos Directed By Hollywood's Finest Filmmakers

How many did you already know?

As important as the artists and their tracks, it's just as common to find the real talent behind the lens and inside the editing suite. With more and more major players now involved in the thriving music video market, it seems fitting that many of Hollywood's greatest filmmakers - and some up-and-coming talents - have or have been involved with the industry. Some videos are so beloved and iconic that we actually refer to the visual rather than the audio itself (certainly some of those feature here...), but others are so bespoke and slight that you may be surprised to hear the men and women who took to framing. Whether using the platform as a stepping stone to a flourishing career in cinema, or a means to explore and expand their directorial craft, these auteurs have all lent a hand to some of the music's biggest and brightest. Lights, camera, action.

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