Finish The Lyric: AC/DC

Try not to get a Whole Lotta wrong answers!

Can you believe it's been 40 years since Back in Black? Despite being on of their most successful efforts, the iconic album marked a rough time in the band's career. Coming after the death of Bon Scott, it was a huge gamble for AC/DC to attempt to recreate the late singer's magic, but it sure did pay off.

The album flew straight into the top ten across the world, as critics were blown away, calling it their greatest album yet. Newcomer Brian Johnson impressed everyone and was praised for bringing his unique style to the table, rather than trying to imitate Scott. Johnson would go on to front the band for the next ten albums, before bowing out in 2016 due to hearing loss.

Fast forward 40 years and Back in Black is the third highest selling album in the world, sitting on 50 million sales and rated 25x Platinum in America alone. To call it one of the most influential albums of all time would probably be an understatement.

So, to celebrate the incredible milestone, let's see how much you remember from the hard rock hero's extensive back catalogue.

1. Hotel, Motel

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