How Much Do You Know About Ringo Starr's Beatles Songs?

Prove you're an expert on Richard Starkey and the songs he made famous.


Paul McCartney wrote a number one single for The Beatles.

John Lennon wrote a number one single for The Beatles.

George Harrison wrote a number one single for The Beatles.

Ringo Starr... well, he was there too.

Ringo might be the Beatle we all forget about, but it's impossible to forget some of the amazing songs he sang and wrote for the group during his tenure from 1962-1970.

Ringo's voice always added a unique quality to a song and, since he usually only got one song per album, they always felt a little bit special.

He might not even have been the best drummer in The Beatles, but he sang the words to some of your favourite songs. Let's find out how much you remember about Ringo's Beatles songs.

1. Ringo’s Vocals Make Their First Appearance On The Beatles' First Album, Please Please Me, Covering A Song Originally Performed By The Shirelles. What Is The Name Of This Song?


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