WWE Wants THIS Celebrity To Host SummerSlam 2021

Big news on who WWE plans to bring in as a host for SummerSlam 2021 this August.

Cardi B Hustlers

Fightful Select are reporting that WWE want Cardi B as a special guest host for SummerSlam 2021.

The rapper has been identified as the promotion's first choice to host the 21 August pay-per-view. It's worth noting that Cardi's single 'Up' is also the official SummerSlam theme song this year - 'Up', which was released in February, went on to top the Billboard Hot 100 in March.

Fightful didn't name any possible alternatives to Cardi B, so it looks like WWE are close to working out a deal with the musician-come-actress that'll see her dazzle at SummerSlam.


WWE's biggest summer pay-per-view doesn't have a concrete location yet, but more news is expected to drop on that very soon. The company has Hell In A Cell (20 June) and Money In The Bank (18 July) to get through first before SummerSlam; Extreme Rules has been bumped to a slot later in the year.

It's unclear whether or not Cardi B would be asked to perform 'Up' (and maybe a few other songs) live on air, or if she'd be booked in some backstage skits after introducing the show in-ring. Or both.


Stay tuned for more when it breaks.

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