10 Amazingly Written Sex Scenes In Modern Day Novels

10. A Certain Age By Rebecca Ray

I don't know what made it happen. I don't know what made the change. But looking up at his face...I felt myself get wet. It came from inside and I could feel the muscles flowing, giving out that liquid...And Oliver smiled down at me, so I guess he could feel it too. He turned me over and I heard the towel fall, crumple on the floor. I heard it, even with my face crushed in the carpet...Hard and steady on the back of my head, I could feel his fingers tangle in my hair. His palm print on my neck. It was a good feeling. And I got wetter.
While the plot of A Certain Age is a little disconcerting (14 year old loses virginity to 27 year old man), the sex scenes in it have quite an impact on the reader. The whole book sort of revolves around these moments of them actually having sex; there's a great sense of anticipation throughout the novel. Every page without sex is almost a disappointment for the reader, who just wants them to hurry up and get on with it. The fact that the nameless protagonist is on speed and much younger than the man she is having sex with doesn't seem particularly crude in this scene, and only serves to make their copulation a little more intense. Think Anastasia Steel and Christian Grey, but on a more raw, less commercial level.
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