10 Best John Lewis Christmas Adverts - The Definite Ranking!

Christmas doesn't officially begin until the John Lewis advert is out, but which one is the best.

John Lewis

This week officially marks the beginning of the festive season as John Lewis have finally released their Christmas advert.

2019 will be remembered as the year of Excitable Edgar; the cute, little green dragon who really wants to get involved and make friends but can't help but cause problems. Don't worry though, with the help of his friend, he manages to win the village folks around.

Edgar is the latest in a line-up outstanding Christmas adverts that retail giant John Lewis have created over the past decade. From bouncing boxers to marvellous monsters, there's a been plenty of laughs and tears over the years.

With John Lewis' Christmas advert being the staple of festive tv viewing, we thought we'd take a look back (with a box of tissues) and decide which of the adverts is the lump of coal and which is the cool bike you've been desperate to open all year.

10. Your Song - 2010

Your Song is the oldest of the bunch and is a sweet advert with a great song.

This advert is all about the joys (and stresses) of gift giving. The struggle of parents and partners hiding gifts, the pain that comes with wrapping odd shaped presents and the wonderful act of showing someone you care.

It's lovely but doesn't quite pull at the heart strings like some of the others.

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