10 Careers Actually Boosted By The Fappening Nudes

Not that anyone would admit it...

This year saw one of the largest-scale celebrity photo leaks ever. Widely referred to by media as 'The Fappening' and 'Celebgate,' the scandal has involved thousands of photos allegedly being stolen from hundreds of celebrity's iCloud accounts. In total, the 'collection' includes over 200 photos and videos of celebrities (primarily female), ranging from individuals with local fame to A-list stars. The leaked photos have primarily involved celebrities in personal situations, often while nude in some form. Apple have claimed that the leaks were a result of a series of targeted attacks, rather than a general security vulnerability. Regardless, the photo leaks have raised discussions on just how private our stored data really is. The leak is inarguably an act of theft, breaching the rights of every victim affected. It's a sad fact that this crime will almost certainly boost the careers of many involved. This list takes a look at 10 victims of the 2014 celebrity photo leaks that may ultimately benefit from the scandal in the long run - if only in terms of their career. Click the "next" button below to kick off the slideshow with a certain actress from Parks And Recreation....

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