10 Hilarious Lies All Girls Tell About Sex

It's not just the dishonesty that will slap you right in the face...

Everyone has lied at some point in their life, even those who claim they haven't. In fact, especially those who claim they haven't. When most people start a new relationship with someone else, the main things that they choose not to be entirely honest about are probably the last time that they had sex and how many notches they have on their bedpost. This is because everyone wants to look like the Saint but still have the fun of a Sinner, and girls aren't any different. "I really like you, but I've never done anything like this before." Yeah sure you haven't honey... Sometimes a little white lie is necessary if you're trying to protect someone's feelings, but why are people lying about how many people they've slept with? Unless you're ashamed or embarrassed about it, when why wouldn't you tell the truth? So here are some of the most common lies that girls tell during or about sex.

10. "You Were Off The Chart"

This is mainly a sarcastic response to when a boy asks for a score out of ten. Like seriously, who asks for immediate feedback after coitus? Some men just need their egos soothed with some positive recognition alongside their performance feedback. You were in the room when it happened, can you not tell whether it was good or not? It's also such a turn off when someone asks you "so how did I do?" It's a tad cringey, needy and quite frankly, if you were bad then only you would take this 'off the radar' response as a positive.
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