10 Hot Ones Episodes You Need To Watch

This lot were 'Da Bomb' and are definitely worth more than a single dab.

First We Feast

When the most well researched man in the history of interviewing first sat opposite Tony Yayo back in March 2015 with a field of blisteringly hot chicken wings lay before the two of them, few could have imagined that Hot Ones would become the pop culture mainstay it is today.

Yet, here we are in 2020 with the show well into its 11th season with a gluttony of sports stars, iconic actors and pop sensations all having tried their hand at toppling the wall of fire that rests between themselves and the ever-cool Sean Evans.

Though there have undoubtedly been more than just ten stand-out episodes in that time, there are, however, ten entries that you NEED to watch in order to understand just how unexpectedly brilliant a concept the Hot Ones sit-down interview show genuinely is.

World renowned chefs, nonchalant Mancs, Texas Rattlesnakes and memes galore, this fine selection has the lot.

So, settle down, take those wings out of the oven and be sure to indulge in that sacred 'Last Dab' as we take a stroll down memory lane and revisit 10 Hot Ones Episodes You Need To Watch.

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