10 Joe Rogan Experience Guests That Didn't Live Up To Expectations

Even Joe Rogan didn't manage to get a good conversation out of these guys.

Joe Rogan/YouTube

The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the biggest podcasts on the internet, and for good reason. Ever since starting the show back in 2009 Rogan has demonstated a chameleon-like ability to adapt to his guest's sense of humour and cadence which more often than not results in fruitful, and often hilarious discussions.

The show's success has seen the JRE move out of Rogan's house into a purpose-built studio in California that boasts an array of amenities for guests to enjoy including a pool table, archery range and fully equipped MMA gym.

As well as upgrades to the show's location, the increased status of the JRE has seen more and more high-profile guests appear on the UFC commentator's podcast. More often than not, these guests deliver in a big way, just look at how Bernie Sanders' appearance in 2019 has opinion pieces across America asking just how much sway Rogan's endorsement carries in the modern political climate.

However, despite consistent successes, every now and then a guest just doesn't live up to the hype surrounding their appearance leaving fans everywhere disappointed.

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