10 Most Outrageous Stories Ever Revealed On The Graham Norton Show

One of the best chat shows the UK has to offer, which of Norton's guests have told the best stories?

Ian West/PA Archive

Perhaps one of the most renowned TV talk shows, The Graham Norton Show has had a great run of guests and gags over its 13-year lifespan. After grabbing some of the most high-profile Hollywood stars the industry has to offer, you would think Graham would have run out of material by now.

However, with his crack team of researchers, Graham has managed to mine some of the best celebrity anecdotes that Hollywood stars have in their back pocket. His calm demeanour always makes his guests feel at ease which is the most important aspect of The Graham Norton Show.

And you can always tell that everyone is having a good time, which leads to some great (and sometimes weird) revelations...


10. George Clooney's Comic-Con Honeymoon


George Clooney isn’t an actor that you would associate with big comic book tentpole films that seem to grace San Diego Comic-Con each year. However, in 2015, George Clooney appeared on The Graham Norton Show to discuss his upcoming blockbuster Tomorrowland.

During the interview Clooney discusses the fact that the promotion of the film took him to Comic-Con, but in a very special time of his life. Clooney reveals that he had to leave part of his honeymoon to go to Comic-Con, something his newly wedded wife wasn’t too thrilled about!

Following on from this though, Clooney also divulges his hatred for Batman And Robin, his only comic book adaptation. Clooney “always apologises” for Batman and Robin and let the details out that he believed he “almost destroyed the franchise.” One of the more open storytellers the red sofa has seen, Clooney’s Comic-Con experience is a must see from Graham’s back catalogue.


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