10 Most Outrageous Stories Ever Revealed On The Graham Norton Show

9. Hugh Bonneville Wears Lipstick On Top Gear


One of the show’s most infamous episodes, Hugh Bonneville was one of the more hilarious guests the show had seen. Coming on the show to promote Monuments Men, Bonneville was joined by Bill Murray and Matt Damon, all of who had great chemistry together and made the episode a joy to watch.

It wasn’t until Graham brought up a photo of Bonneville on Top Gear however that the show kicked into full gear. The photo allowed for both Damon and Murray to take full advantage of this and just banter off each other leaving Graham, themselves and the audience in stitches.

Not so much Bonneville though, who took it in his stride and tried to defend himself. But it wasn’t enough from the onslaught that his co-stars were giving him. A classic Graham moment.


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