10 Places You Should Go And Have Sex Right Now

Because Mother Nature created leaves for a reason...

Underwater Sex Whether you're in a long-term relationship and looking to spice up your sex life, or have met someone new who you really want to impress, there's no end of inspirational spots world wide where you can get it on in a unique location. What's your standard sexy time habitat? A recent survey by Cosmopolitan.com exposed the sexual habits of 1,500 couples, with some surprising results. 82 per cent of couples opt for making love in the shower or bath - a cleaner result than perhaps expected, considering most people confess to loving safe sex in their own bed. 80 per cent of us also opted for kinky car-sex (think Rose and Jack in Titanic), while other popular places include in a forest, in a tent, and even in your parent's bed. If you're feeling brave, bored, or purely adventurous, try moving the fun to somewhere new to make your sex life a little more exciting (just don't get thrown in jail for indecent exposure if you're going to opt for some of the outdoors ones).
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