10 Rarest Funko POP Figures (And How Much They're Worth)

1. Golden Ticket 2 - Pack


The previously mentioned Funko Fun Days had a pretty strong Charlie and the Chocolate Factory theme for 2016. On top of their assortment of Freddy Funko figures, attendees were given a special chocolate bar with Funko branding. 4 of the bars had a golden ticket inside, netting the recipient with a tour of the Funko factory, and a very special set of pops.

You got a 2 - pack with golden versions of Willy Wonka and an Oompa Loompa, and there’s only ten of these sets in the entire world.

Only 4 were given out at the event, and it’s thought that the other 6 were distributed to Funko employees. As far as we’re aware, there’s never actually been a sale of one of these sets. That could change of course, and one could only imagine the copious amount of money it would cost to purchase such a collectible.

Despite the money though, if I were lucky enough to have one of these, it’s probably just the sort of thing I’d want to keep forever, and I’m sure that that there’s plenty of people who would too.

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