10 Stupid Things Brits Think About Americans

Howdy, ya'll, welcome to this rooting, tooting article-roony, YEE HAW! So, why don't you pull up a La-Z-Boy, open up a Budwesier, make yourself a double decker sandwich with plenty of cheese, and read through this list of stupid things that Brits thinks about Americans, if of course you can read. If it hasn't already become apparent, I am British, and I have throughout my life expressed a certain number of questionable stererotypes about Americans. In certain cases, we are justified. For example, Americans call us Brits rather than the British. It entails then that instead of calling you Americans, we should just call you Yanks. But I digress. Throughout the course of this article I will examine a number of general concepts that the British have wrongly generalised about the Americans. Furthermore, any British people reading this, although I am intending on exposing the ridiculous accusations directed towards the Americans, don't feel impelled to turn away from these stereotypes if they help you sleep better at night.

10. Americans Take Sport Too Seriously

http://youtu.be/vYg5G499xvE Let's start with an interesting concept, because quite frankly, the Americans could justifiably say the same thing about the British. To be honest, this is an infection which spreads to any country that has a dominance over a particular sport (or in the case of Britain, a dominance over no sport). However, there are instances that suggest that Americans take their sport too far. For instance, at an ice hockey event, usually a hockey match would break amidst a massive fight. Also, professional boxers are so in love with their pudalistic art-form that they often practice it at home with their wives, or in the bar with random strangers. Furthermore, it is the nature of American sports which has led to whistles of derision from British commentators. Comments such as Nascar being a poor man's Formula One, and the consideration that Americans see professional wrestling as a 'real' sport (sorry if I spoiled the magic for some people there). Nevertheless, one could say that cricket isn't much of an impressive spectacle, but one cannot deny the wonderful treatment it has proven for those that suffer from insomnia. Whether we like to admit it to each other or not, the British and Americans are often intrinsically linked by sport, as many American sports such as baseball, hockey and US football had their origins in British sports. And not that we're bitter or anything, but at the most recent Olympics (which we did a brilliant job hosting by the way) the Americans finished second in the medals table, mainly because Michael Phelps could win half of them himself. If there were the same restrictions on swimming as there are on cycling, then the British may have been closer on the medals table and possibly could have rightly finished ahead of the Americans. Not that I'm bitter or anything. Level of Brit Stupidity (1 - not very stupid, 10 - Paris Hilton): 7
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