10 Things You Didn't Know About The Fappening

10. An Adult Film Site Is Offering A Reward To Catch The Hacker

When the leaked photos first arrived on the internet a lot of people were rightfully outraged. However, one company that you probably wouldn't have expected has decided to fight back. In fact, Mike Kulich, managing partner of, was apparently so upset that he's offering a cash reward to catch the hacker behind the leaks. "Consent is one of the keystones of the adult entertainment business," Kulich told Vice. "Regardless of what anti-porn organizations claim€”for instance that we are all human traffickers and pimps€”every girl that appears on film for any production company is there of her own free will. ... The adult industry feels very strongly about consent, which is why it has been heavily involved in our support for legislation banning revenge porn, which has become illegal in a number of states. Jennifer Lawrence's pictures were meant to be private and whoever hacked her computer or phone had no right to ever see those photos, let alone leak them to the world. We want this person brought to justice." There are still plenty of valid criticisms to be had against the porn industry, but this time, it's doing something right. We hope.

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